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This blog is created by a Buddhist living in Singapore. He embraces the Mahayana spirit of Bodhicitta, deeply respecting all Buddhist Traditions as expressions of Kindness guiding us on the path towards human perfection ~ Buddhahood.

He likes to post stuff that he had read or think is good to share here, sometimes he adds a little comments here and there... just sometimes..

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“Sariputra, if there are people who have already made the vow, who now make the vow, or who are about to make the vow, ‘I desire to be born in Amitabha’s country,’ these people, whether born in the past, now being born, or to be born in the future, all will irreversibly attain to anuttarasamyaksambodhi. Therefore, Sariputra, all good men and good women, if they are among those who have faith, should make the vow, ‘I will be born in that country.’”

~ Amitabha Sutra

When I obtain the Buddhahood, any being of the boundless and inconceivable Buddha-worlds of the ten quarters whose body if be touched by the rays of my splendour should not make his body and mind gentle and peaceful, in such a state that he is far more sublime than the gods and men, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

~ Amitabha Buddha's Thirty-Third Vow

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Treasury of Truth ~ Dhammapada ~ Look Inwards And Not At Others (Verse 50)

Verse 50. Look Inwards And Not At Others

Not others’ opposition
nor what they did or failed to do,
but in oneself should be sought
things done, things left undone.

Explanation: Do not find fault with others. Do not worry about what others do or not do. Rather, look within yourself to find out what you yourself have done or left undone. Stop doing evil; do good.

UnawakenOne's Comments:
Inner reality is of primary importance, external reality is secondary. When our inner reality is place, external reality must follow. When our inner world is pure, we'll realise here indeed is a pureland, of Sakyamuni Buddha. Easily said, but so very hard to do!

We tend to hope for others to change attitude towards us, treat us nicer, show us approval, etc. When people behave or say things against our wishes, we get upset, angry, disappointed. Are you like that? I think I am. The world revolves around me, and I set the rules. If people don't act as I wish, I get really upset! But can I control others and how they think?

Gradually our day's mood, even our happiness is determined by how others behave! Maybe we should just mind our own business and own responsibilities, and let their actions, speech and thoughts be theirs - instead of trying to control them, and want them to act according to our wishes, our value system... Let them talk all they want about us behind our back, stare at us all they want and however they like, its outside our control, hence outside outside our scope responsibilities. Ahh... that really lightens our load doesn't it...

This is a nice contribution, I want to share my reflections and experiences too!


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