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This blog is created by a Buddhist living in Singapore. He embraces the Mahayana spirit of Bodhicitta, deeply respecting all Buddhist Traditions as expressions of Kindness guiding us on the path towards human perfection ~ Buddhahood.

He likes to post stuff that he had read or think is good to share here, sometimes he adds a little comments here and there... just sometimes..

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“Sariputra, if there are people who have already made the vow, who now make the vow, or who are about to make the vow, ‘I desire to be born in Amitabha’s country,’ these people, whether born in the past, now being born, or to be born in the future, all will irreversibly attain to anuttarasamyaksambodhi. Therefore, Sariputra, all good men and good women, if they are among those who have faith, should make the vow, ‘I will be born in that country.’”

~ Amitabha Sutra

When I obtain the Buddhahood, any being of the boundless and inconceivable Buddha-worlds of the ten quarters whose body if be touched by the rays of my splendour should not make his body and mind gentle and peaceful, in such a state that he is far more sublime than the gods and men, then may I not attain the enlightenment.

~ Amitabha Buddha's Thirty-Third Vow

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Encounters with the "mini-me"

Something had happened against my liking. As it happened, the 'mini me' in me started complaining,"this is not what I want, I want this, this and this... why don't you just do what i told you? why don't you understand, its so obvious!" The voice was furious, certainly dissatisfied with what had happened. Following this, strong emotions arose, my body tensed up, and I felt a pain underneath the anger that's on the surface.

This was me, my sense of 'self' resisting the reality of Now, wanting things to happen MY way. I feel my resistance to the reality felt like this: It is as if I'm pushing against a unmovable wall - but no matter how hard i push, I'm still unable to move it. Worse still, the harder I push against the wall, the more frustration, anger and tension builds up. This resistance of reality created a deep sense of negative energy, a pain, the suffering was intense.

When i've observed this, I let go of this resistance, putting my attention on this very moment, ignoring thoughts, stories, fears, emotions related to the past or future. Regardless of how strong or real these emotions are, this moment Now is what I focus, my top priority. I reminded myself, nothing is more important than here and now. Let go... let go... let it be... let it be...

In my mind, I stopped following the storyline of what happened. Aware of the emotions within me, I totally feel it as it is without judgement. Giving it space and allowing it to be.. Just aware of it, without any interpretation of from my mind, or response to it. Just let it be. I accepted things as they are... I surrender to the reality of Now, allowing it to unfold as it is. I gradually come to my senses - realising there's actually no need to push the wall. There is no wall. =)

As I do this, the negativity in me reduces its strength, a kind of release happens and my mind gradually calms down and feels at ease.

~ UnawakenOne

This is a nice contribution, I want to share my reflections and experiences too!


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  1. Very inspiring post. I am dealing with some heavy depression today and these words are helping me/reminding me to let it go and just "be" with that emotion. Not judge it...just sit down next to it and let it burn out it's energy as it will. Thanks.


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